Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Stop it with the false copyright claims!

Spent way too much time researching this for me not to speak about it. Would've made a video but I'm not really in the mood for that.
Anyway, I constantly receive copyright notices on several of my youtube video's that either restricts monetization (earning money) or limits who can see them. For the record, the wedding teasers i make do not fall under Fair Use Law. This means if I use copywriten music I am subject to copyright claims, outside monetization (original owner taking the money i make off the video) or even a copyright strike, which could completely shut down my channel. This is why for the past few years I have used more royalty free music so that I can avoid any problems.
Yesterday I received another copyright claim against one of my videos. I usually just check to see what actions have been made against the video and agree to them, but when I noticed the video in question I remembered that I used royalty free music.
After some tracking i found the artist's youtube channel and to my surprise the music was note for note a match, with the exception of the artist's vocals not appearing on the version I had.
My video was made September 5, 2015.
His video was made December 4, 2015.
I did some further digging and found the original music I used was from another production company, not related to his distribution label, and was posted August 6, 2014. It was stated from the company that this music was royalty free for commercial use.
Just to double check I looked in to the label that filed the claim and found their website, where you can see the artists albums and it shows the song was originally released December 4, 2015...
By no stretch of the imagination did this video make a lot of money, but the fact is this company is now putting advertisements up to collect off of a video I made that they have no claim to. I also think it's in poor taste to make a song using a preexisting track that is royalty free and then start seeking out everyone else that has used the instrumentals to collect a quick buck. Just my opinion...

Here's the video I made alongside the "so called" original owners work. Any while I may speak in definite, I do realize the possibility that I could be wrong in all of this, but I'll just wait for the internet to tell me that. I'm not above apologizing. See ya next blog!

Side note does his vocals sound a bit echoey? Kinda like he was using a bad microphone? A bunch of his other songs sound the same... I don't know. My cousin could mix better than this...