Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bonus Blog - Self Portrait

Here's a non-advertised blog for those that subscribe or care enough to regularly check up on me.
Enjoy a expressive self portrait...

"Console from a Canine"

Another model decided to cancel on me at the last minute.

As I rest contemplating my next move and wondering how I will make ends meet, he sneaks in.

He knows he's not allowed in the studio, his head low, he slowly crawls in my lap and looks at me.

His speaks to me through his eye's, saying, "Everything will be ok..."

Not expecting comments this time around so consider yourself off the hook as thanks for at least being a reader.
See ya next blog...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mini Rant # 5 Let me in already!!

I understand the degrees that websites have to go through the fend off automated spam. I just hate that I have to suffer for it.

Simple log in's have turned into detailed questionnaires. Efforts to fend off identity theft have caused the far majority of honest internet surfers to be bombarded with a variety of authentication procedures if they make even one mistake imputing a password. And lets not forget the hassle of a forgotten password, or the auto lock out feature for too many failed attempts.

Of all these features I will agree that most are a acceptable inconvenience, but one annoys me to no end...

I don't know the official name so I'll call it the "Visual Verification".
It's those jumbled up numbers and letters that you have to type in along with a password, blog comment, or post.

The entire look of it always makes me think, "Is this what dyslexic people see all the time?." They trail from that question to the the episode of Batman the Animated Series where Batman discovers he's in a dream engineered by the Mad Hatter because one side of the brain controls dreams and the other controls reading, (btw, is that actually true?)

Anyway, the other day I was trying to sign on to YouTube and I wasn't 100% certain what my password was. The next thing you know I was presented with this annoying prompt.

Sometimes they make it easy for you by actually making it a real word. That way, even if you can't make out a letter or two, you can still take a guess to the overall word and make out good. But nooooooo! They had to use a bunch of garbled letters and numbers. (and you can NEVER tell if it's a zero or the letter "O"!)

To then make matters worse, when I made a mistake (oh yeah, that was gonna happen), I wasn't told if the mistake was in the username, password, or verification prompt!

I then notice this little speaker button next to the verification and I think to myself "I'll just listen to the letters and type them in."

Now it may be hard to describe sound in a written media, but it would be no exaggeration to describe what I heard as, a cluster of static and garbled voices. Like 15 people all holding different conversations at once with a old TV in the background on no channel. I even thought I heard one whisper something antis-emetic...(family guy reference)

This level of annoyance is just crazy. I know computers are smart but why do I need to be made to look stupid just to post a blog comment, or share a link?

If computers ever became sentient beings they already have all the tools necessary to get entertainment at my expense...

Share your thoughts below and See ya next blog!!

That's right I write poems - the unexpected sequel

With so many ideas for blogs in my head this was all I felt like uploading. Enjoy it for what it's worth.

"Is it worth it"

My emotion is my creativity...

Hiding emotion, in turn, hides my creativity.
The more feelings I repress, the less artistic I become.

While the simple solution would be to express myself more,
What happens when how I feel, hurts those I love.

What's more important?

It would be simple if I was fed nothing but love and support...
Surely my artistic side could positively thrive...

But such is not the world I live in.

So I am bound to my foolish attempts at recycling pain into pleasure.
With tools in hand I shall continue to process this suppressed anguish into something that may benefit someone else... Who knows... Maybe even bring happiness...

Such a process doesn't appear to be beneficial in the least and yet with constant suppression comes sporadic joy.

It's all I can ask for...

Comments welcome, thank you for your continued support...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pro Shot

Special Treat for you!!

Over a year ago I made my first YOUTUBE video called "Ace's Day Out"
With plenty of ideas and very few resources lots of old videos went unedited, till now...

I present you with Pro Shot Play

Hershey Park's "Pro Shot" game
$5 for 3 shots
2 in wins
but what happens when...

See Ya Next Blog!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mini Rant #4 Pizza Woes

Well, let's get the year 2011 started right with a mini rant!

"If I can remove a pepperoni, that has no cheese on top of it, and I find no cheese beneath it, then I did NOT get extra cheese like I wanted!" - DV

Ordered me some Papa John's tonight. I shall present you with...

Exhibit A

Here's the first pizza I got tonight. There's a difference between thin and regular crust pizza, but you sure couldn't tell from this mess. In case you wanted to know, this was supposed to be the "Papa's Favorite" pizza. That involves pepperoni, sausage, cheese, and special seasoning. IN ADDITION to those ingredients, I added extra pepperoni, extra cheese, and extra sauce. This is nowhere CLOSE to what I usually get.

They've done such a good job for such a long time with me that this came as such a surprise. Let me fill you in on how much I ordered from them.

For the last three years I've taken advantage of their monday Raven's special. Here's how it works. For every touchdown the Ravens got on a Sunday you get one free toping for a 10 dollar pizza. If they won you got double toppings. the last three years have been pretty good for the Ravens, and in turn, pretty good for me...

But now I gotta deal with some lazy cook that wants to be stingy with ingredients. And what makes it worse is how they handle complaints. Ten minutes on hold and I'm instructed to not eat the pizza and to give it back when my second pizza is delivered...

1 hour later: My second pizza arrives and the driver tells me to throw away the first pizza. For all that I could have just ate some instead of starving waiting for the second pizza! But now i present you with...

Exhibit B

I was completely caught off guard with the weight of this pizza. It was HEAVY!! Looking at it, you can tell that this was made by someone who was pissed off that they had to make a second pizza because of how poor a job they did the first time. After a good scolding from a supervisor they dumped the entire tray of cheese on dough and ran a pizza cutter over it like a blind person would... but then that would be insulting to a blind person... Accuracy aside I don't blame them for making sure this one met my expectations but I know for a fact that they have all kinds of measuring tools to tell them how much to put on the pizza. Do it right the first time and there will be no problems from me.

And I know there are people that probably try to get free pizzas by complaining but lets look at the records. I haven't had to complain in over a year and I've been a customer over 5 years so why not take my word that there is a legitimate problem and not try to play games by assuming I wanted a second pizza for free. That's why they acted like they wanted the first pizza...

*sigh* Papa John, what happened? You usually got better game than this. Maybe your trying to get Flacco to switch to you from Pizza Hut by sending the message that you can be just as accurate as him...

Well after 2 slices im done with this monster so I'm about to get my workout in putting the rest in the fridge. See ya next blog...