Thursday, November 10, 2011

Amazing Blazblue Videos

For a dude that's always begging for his own content to be shared I haven't been sharing as much content as I used to before focusing on my own channel, but after checking out these Blazblue related vids that had to change.

(Note: If you don't know what Blazblue is then "see ya next blog!" because the following will all sound Greek to you... Speaking of Greeks, you gotta me know i you've seen these George. Ragna vs Hakumen FTW!!!)

(Note 2: Videos are not my creations nor do clicking on the embedded links direct you to any content owned or maintained by me.)

This first one Is a parody of the Continuum Shirt 2 opening

The second video, although in Japanese, is just awesome. This dude took the in-game sprites and FMV and gave us the animated ending we all wanted to see from Calamity Trigger...

That does it for this impromptu post. See ya next blog...

"Ace's Day Out" Leaves Youtube

Ok here's the deal...

My youtube channel has gotten the most daily traffic ever since I originally joined in 2006. We're not talking thousands or millions of views here, but enough to have my channel appear in more searches and queries. For anyone with aspirations of making a few dollars on youtube that is a good thing, but all your work could go down the toilet with two simple words: "Copyright Infringement."

With the recent monetization of my Youtube account I have had to be cautious to make sure I have permission from respective sources before uploading copyrighted content. This affects me the most in the way of background music as many of my older wedding clips use copyrighted songs. That is why you'll notice newer videos using royalty free songs as well as original compositions by me.

In the "Accounts" section of my Youtube settings I am plagued with the constant reminder:

"You have videos that may contain content that is owned by someone else."

This shows up because Youtube's Content Identification Service made 2 claims against my videos.
The first was a unreleased wedding promo, and the second was the first video I ever posted, "Ace's Day Out" The content owners reserve the right to remove the audio, keep the video from being played in certain countries, or even have it completely removed from Youtube, the last option sometimes resulting in a permanent strike against your account.

So, to keep my account in a positive standing I decided to remove mentioned videos. But never fear, the video can still be viewed below though a embedded Facebook link:

Ace's Day Out

Thank you for the 48 views it achieved in the year it was on Youtube! Ace will return...

Additionally, what this means is that if I create certain videos containing copyrighted music, with the exception of one particular source, you probably will never see them on the DVDeluxe Youtube channel.

I'll go into details in a future blog if needed but I'm getting kinda tired of talking about stuff like revenue sharing, monetization and ad clicking so just continue to show your support in the ways I mentioned so many times before and I'll see ya next blog!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Wedding Promos

Congratulations to all the November newlyweds! This blog, like the previous, features the promo video(s) from my November 2011 events. For September's promos click HERE and for October's click HERE

Remember it's never too late to check for availability and schedule to have your special day captured by the Professional Services of Dennis Vice.

B&V Wedding Promo

(Special- If this clip is shared enough, a bonus promo will be added)
UPDATE- Bonus Reception preview has been added below enjoy!

B&V Recepion Preview

UPDATE- New preview has been added below enjoy! 

M&D Wedding Promo

Special thanks to my clients who gave permission to have their teasers posted!

As always, thanks for reading, watching, and clicking on ads to get me paid :)
See ya next Blog!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Composing music for videos

Well with all the stress and deadlines I've had here and there, it's nice to take a few hours and work on something completely voluntary.

As you may be aware, I have been attempting to make some change with revenue sharing. You know, you click on a ad from this page and I get money. Simple huh? YEAH RIGHT... Anyway I now qualify for Youtube revenue sharing but here's the problem, not all my content is 100% original.

What I mean is, some of my most popular videos usually have traces of copy-written music. To get around this issue I have considered making my own music tracks for my videos, (That's right, I write music...) I've done his once before with my commercial video. Below is my recent attempt at writing a simple tune for some older wedding footage I had lying around.

J&G Wedding

Also if you somehow never saw my commercial here it is:

DV Commercial

Hope you enjoyed them as well as my other vids. Like, +1, tweet, retweet, ANYTHING! Help me out here...

See ya next blog!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Geek Squad is Worthless Sometimes

OK I'm seriously disgusted with Best Buy, Geek Squad, and Precision Camera right now...


I share my  abbreviated complaint with you below:

I bought a $1,200 camcorder a few years ago with a black tie premium plan. I've been a loyal customer with best buy since 2002 and I ALWAYS get the extended warranties. Sometimes I end up needing them and I've been impressed with the service for the most part.

Last month, however, I needed to use the camcorders service plan for a repair and it's been a NIGHTMARE. October 5th I took my camcorder in because the internal hard drive was having problems and I kept cutting off. That was the only problem at the time. I was extremely concerned with the timing of this problem because I record weddings and in a little over a week I was going to be recording another wedding. Geek Squad assured me that within 7 days they would hear back from Precision Camera (the company handling the repair) on whether the camcorder would be repaired or if a replacement was in order. Also of note is that this is the second time i have had to go to Geek Squad for this problem on this camcorder. Well they took the camcorder and I waited. 7 days later (October 12th) I received a email from Geek Squad saying my product "was in good hands". Upon using the service order number given to me I discovered that the only entry was that the device was checked in and awaiting shipment on October 5th!

I called Best Buy and Geek Squad assured me that the device had been shipped and gave me the direct number to Precision Camera to see for myself. I called the number and using the service order number given to me I was told that the device had been repaired and sent back to me back in 2009! upon further inspection they discovered that the same number was referencing a older camera I had repaired in 2009 and that they had no record of my current camera.
I went to Best Buy in person to explain the entire situation and Geek Squad sent a "Escalation" to find out what happened. Two days later the site updated and said that on The 14th my product was received. The same day It was assigned to a tech.
In the mean time I had to borrow money to buy a temporary camcorder to film the wedding and a $500 camcorder cannot compare to a $1200 model.

On the 18th the site updated with the status "Final Inspection, Awaiting Shipment" followed by "Picked up and Closed" and I immediately became panicked because I received no phone call and did not pick up anything. I went to the store and they told me that in they're system UPS delivered it to my house, a delivery that I DID NOT ask for. They then noticed that the delivery was post marked for the same day and that it would be impossible for a Texas to Baltimore MD delivery that quick, so they found a tracking number to give me. The next day my camcorder came in the mail and it was in worse condition than when sent. the LCD screen flickered badly and from the looks, the hard drive was worse too. With another event days away I was VERY irritated.

I took it to best buy and Geek Squad said all they could do was send it back out. They said they would escalate it and it would be their the next day to get repaired.

I had to once again buy another camcorder and pray or the best. According to the website it was shipped on the 19th and Received on the 24th (not next day as promised.) On the 25th it was assigned to a tech and as of November 3rd I still wait.

I have a larger event this weekend and no decent camcorder and I have lost all trust in Best Buys protection plans.
Don't get me wrong Geek Squad seemed very helpful but they can care less about the fact that you are without a product that you invested long and hard for over a month, and that they're only solution is o come up with more money to buy a temporary solution. If I was that rich I'd already own 2 thousand dollar cameras!

Rant over... update to be posted whenever this is resolved...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interesing Apps Episode 4 - My Sketch

Here comes another interesting app I've been meaning to mention for some time now.

It's a simple app that takes a picture taken on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and converts it to a sketch drawing. That's it. Results can be cropped and tweaked with two sliders, and can be saved in 3 different sizes and uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or emailed. The only issue i've noticed is the final result sometimes looks like it was additionally cropped at the top. Here's a few sample with pics I took...

Granted these are nothing more than "filters" but since he app is free at the moment its not a bad download to fool around with...

If you've found or use a better app for this price i'd love to hear about it and do my own comparison.

See ya next blog!!


Ok any of my regular readers should know by now that my release schedule for blogs changes at the drop of a hat. But I have a excuse this time, honest!

It would appear that chicken noodle soup and keyboards just don't mix (big surprise). In a sloppy attempt at self medication, alongside playing "catch up with video editing," I spilled some soup on my keyboard...

Sucks I know...

I thought I avoided the worst but in the end it appears my "T" and "F" buttons are not very responsive anymore. They DO work but it's hit or miss. You can imagine how hard it is to try and type long sentences when you constantly have to check whether or not your t's and f's went through.

AKe a look a a sample o how bad yping on a broken keyboard could look if I don' consanly check behind mysel... Very ime consuming indeed...

But never fear that's what I have a iPad for. I'll just open up Blogpress and keep it moving right?
Well apparently Blogpress doesn't want to work for me either, and chicken soup had nothing to do with it this time. While I'm not 100% certain I'm fairly sure the problem stems from the recent iOS 5 update. Blogger has recently update their site but I doubt that would affect the app itself. As soon as it opens it crashes, not a good look for a paid app. What this means for now is that I don't have access to the rough drafts of a few of my blogs.

Sadly this is not the first issue I have had with a app not working with iOS 5. While free apps can be a nuisance if they don't work with iOS 5 paid apps are a little more serious because you paid money for something that you no longer have access to.

Welcome to the FIX IT blog!

I hope this will prove to be a beneficial segment for apps that don't work properly on iOS 5. Consider it a stop sign for those who updated and are interested in certain apps, or a warning for those that haven't updated to the new Os in fear of incompatible older apps.

In order for this to work well I need reader participation. In the comments below feel free to post problems you have had with PAID applications in iOS5. As for me I'll be updating with issues I find as well as when said apps are fixed.

  • Update #1 November 2, 2011

As I mentioned earlier, this app won't even start. Fortunately the people behind this app are pretty good with updates so I don't think this will be a issue for too long...
X-Men Arcade 
When I went in the app store and saw the X-Men Arcade game for 99 cent I knew it was a "download now!" unfortunately this game freezes midway through the first level and crashes on iPads with iOS 5.
"But Dennis! That's probably just because you have a first generation iPad and that game needs the faster processor of the iPad 2." not true. This game was also tested with a 4th generation iPod touch with iOs 5 and the same problem persists. KONAMI FIX THIS!!! Till then, don't waste your dollar...

That's all for now but as a final note, be a smart shopper. Check the reviews. Remember that these are NONREFUNDABLE purchases so do your homework before shelling out cash, unless of course you got money to throw away, and if that's the case, I could use some help with these bills...

See ya next blog!