Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DV Test Collection 1: Ike and Tina

Your in for a treat. Season 2 of "DV Tries" is still in production but with a little free time, instead of relaxing, I'm getting better acquainted with the new updates to Final Cut Pro X.

Now that multi cam support is finally introduced into FCPX, it's time to put it to the test.
Enjoy the final results!

In the end, the multi cam implementation is excellent. This clip used synchronization based on audio and I think it couldn't have been better. Two completely different cameras were used and you start to see slight differences on the auxiliary view due to the fact that the Nikon D90 maxes out at 720p while my regular camera can record at 1080p. The resident color matching features were also put to the test and differences can be seen, so my suggestion to anyone that plans on using multi cam setups, is to do as much color correction before recording instead of in post. Of course maybe that's just a tip for amateurs like me...

(As a side note this video was attempt number 7 at doing a simplified multi cam setup for the past 4 years. With its "success" I'm ready for an even larger test with a lot more details to follow but volunteers will be needed. Don't call me, i'll call you...)

Wanna see more? I'll see what I can do... See ya next blog!!

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