Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bonus Blog - Self Portrait

Here's a non-advertised blog for those that subscribe or care enough to regularly check up on me.
Enjoy a expressive self portrait...

"Console from a Canine"

Another model decided to cancel on me at the last minute.

As I rest contemplating my next move and wondering how I will make ends meet, he sneaks in.

He knows he's not allowed in the studio, his head low, he slowly crawls in my lap and looks at me.

His speaks to me through his eye's, saying, "Everything will be ok..."

Not expecting comments this time around so consider yourself off the hook as thanks for at least being a reader.
See ya next blog...


  1. There is nothing like the love of a pet. It is unconditional. ~~Woodstock

  2. So true! Thanks for the comment and support!