Monday, January 24, 2011

That's right I write poems - the unexpected sequel

With so many ideas for blogs in my head this was all I felt like uploading. Enjoy it for what it's worth.

"Is it worth it"

My emotion is my creativity...

Hiding emotion, in turn, hides my creativity.
The more feelings I repress, the less artistic I become.

While the simple solution would be to express myself more,
What happens when how I feel, hurts those I love.

What's more important?

It would be simple if I was fed nothing but love and support...
Surely my artistic side could positively thrive...

But such is not the world I live in.

So I am bound to my foolish attempts at recycling pain into pleasure.
With tools in hand I shall continue to process this suppressed anguish into something that may benefit someone else... Who knows... Maybe even bring happiness...

Such a process doesn't appear to be beneficial in the least and yet with constant suppression comes sporadic joy.

It's all I can ask for...

Comments welcome, thank you for your continued support...

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