Thursday, April 26, 2012

Decided to Post Some Creative Writing...

The Untold Dream
By Dennis Vice (written May 2011)

I remember lying in darkness, hearing voices around me, within me,
not understanding either.

Who I was, or where I was, a mystery,

A mystery that held very little priority in comparison to life or death, the answer of which I needed to make now.

For some reason, dying made sense, and I begged for more time to figure out why I felt this way, but memories had not returned and time was dwindling.

Suddenly someone spoke out to me, "looks like I was wrong." I could not make out who spoke but the voice sounded familiar.

Without the time to question how I understood this voice among the countless ones around me I quickly asked the question I felt was most important,

"Do I have a reason to live?"

There was a pause, a silence that felt like hours long.

"i guess so..." the voice said. "...So what will you do?"

"I'll live..."

"I figured as much," the voice said, now sounding closer than before. "But I'm not going back with you, you'll know why soon sooner or later."

The unending darkness was then broken by the image of someone in front of me. I struggled to remember where I had seen the face before but to no avail.

"I guess this is goodbye," the image said as it slowly faded from before me. In a final faint voice I could hear, "take care of her..."

I was alone in the darkness once more. I still didn't know who I was but I knew the choice I made. Whatever happens now I suppose is up to me.

Suddenly the light returned, and with the light some memories, I felt weak, but then I remembered always feeling weak. I couldn't move.

I was in a emergency room. I almost died, and yet it felt like I did die. I suppose it's to be expected though, from my understanding of what I had been through.

The choice made within the darkness will forever motivate yet puzzle me to this day.

What was 'he' wrong about?

Why was 'he' there?

And why did my looking in the mirror reveal who 'he' was?

Another version of myself...


Some dreams are better left never told... I'm fairly certain thats what 'he' would have said. Oh well, he's not me, anymore.

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