Friday, May 11, 2012

Do Not Deal With Best Buy, Geek Squad, or Precision Camera!!!

Best Buy, Geek Squad, and Precision Camera...

My worst issues with these services came since last year. They have lead me to protest the services provided by these three entities and to provide a warning to any that choose to use them.

To catch up on the current situation please read my earlier blog written November 3rd of last year.

In that blog you will read that I had a fairly positive first experience with Best Buy's Geek Squad but suffered from a very poor second and third attempt at having my camera properly repaired. Eventually I did receive my camera and the issues I had afterward were too negligible to write about. Sadly 5 months after that experience I am forced to write, again, about the poor service I have received on the part of these three services.

Last month, I almost suffered a major loss as my camcorder began making very loud whirring noises, right before I was to film a wedding. After a few on/off attempts, and lots of prayer I was able to get through the evening. I immediately went to Best Buy the next morning to explain my problem.

This was to be my 4th visit for this camera and under Best Buy's "no lemon" policy, my camcorder should have been replaced. To my surprise, however, I was told they're was no record of my initial visit and that this was on record as being the third attempt. Since I was assured that computer NEVER make mistakes, as well as the employees that use them. At this time i'd like to quote my last situation in November 2011;

"I called the number and using the service order number given to me I was told that the device had been repaired and sent back to me back in 2009! upon further inspection they discovered that the same number was referencing a older camera I had repaired in 2009 and that they had no record of my current camera."

This was a losing battle on my part and I was more concerned with getting my camera back as soon as possible as it was my primary source of income, so I conceded, let my camera be sent out for repairs once again. This all occurred on April 15, 2012. The expected return date was April 27, 2012 as noted on my service contract. So I waited, and waited, and waited...

This is the ONLY praise I can find with Precision Camera, the business that the camcorder was sent to for repairs. They kept in touch! The 27th came and went, and I was very frustrated that I would have to go through the same ordeal that plagued me in 2011, but then I started receiving calls. I was being regularly updated by Precision Camera on the progress of my camcorder. This meant the world to me, and gave me the there extra patience needed to wait for my camera to return. It was my understanding that the delay was because of the wait on parts that were ordered. That's understandable to some degree. At the very least, it was a huge step from what I went through before.

Fast forward to 26 days later...

Today, May 11, 2012, I went to pick up my camera. They brought it out and I looked over the paperwork. According to the service papers,  only the lens and bottom housing was replaced. I was very impressed with how different those two things made my camera look until I checked the files within my camcorder and realized that in actuality I was not holding my camcorder but someone else's.

It is no exaggeration to say that I have spent hundreds of hours recording with my camcorder and that I know every scratch, scar, and label on it. For Geek Squad to force me to believe that this is my camcorder is like a daycare provider trying to convince a parent that a child they never saw before is theirs.

Very coldly I was told, again and again, "I don't see what the problem is." Here are the 2 major problems.

1. If this is, in fact, my camcorder, you performed unauthorized, unnecessary, and undocumented work to my product. The hard drive DID NOT need to be replaced. I was offended by the speculation that was made that I was lying about the contents of the drive.

"We don't check the hard drive. How do we know that footage wasn't already there?," they said.
Well allow me to use, only the information on hand at the time, to explain why that speculation is near impossible. The events of last year, that they have in their computers, show that the reason for my visit in October of last year was due to failed hard drive. They have, on record, that the drive was replaced. That would mean that any information found on the drive would have to start from the date that I got my camera back from Best Buy. Therefore it is impossible for this camera, if it is indeed mine, to contain footage taken from December 27, 2009 all the way to April 30th, 2012!

This means that I have gone from a hard-drive that was newly replaced, to a 3 year old drive that could go up at any time.

2. If my hard drive did need to be replaced, quality assurance was not taken in assuring the privacy of the contents of digital media. I find the repair and reuse of digital storage media an unsafe practice, compromising the privacy of customers. Especially when care and thought is not taken in making sure the contents of these devices are not thoroughly erased. In my camera I have this persons name, his wife's name, his children's names, where he went on vacation, his children's sports activities, his job and workmates. No one else should have access to this! And if I have his hard drive, who has mine!?

Geek Squad's response?
"What do you want us to do about it? Precision Camera is not going to replace your camera."

I want to know that my privacy is being protected went I intrust my hard earned equipment to you.

I want service to be performed in a timely fashion that merits the additional $200+ i give you for "Premium Black Tie" Protection.

I want to be respected when I have a grievance and consult you with the utmost respect.

I want written policies to be honored.

What I want, I cannot get from a company that has distanced themselves so far from the people they serve that I can't even be supplied with a higher contact to seek further resolution.

This camcorder, with it's extended warranty that expiring in 2013, is the final tie I have to this pitiful excuse of a company, after which I will never do business with again.

I don't normally beg for comments but I'd love to know if anyone else is going through this below.
Take care of yourselves...

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