Sunday, August 22, 2010



HALO - Social Networking Evolved
Halo would be a free game.
The only available weapon would be the plasma pistol for the entire game (single and multiplayer).

A few months after the release Zynga adds that after reaching a certain rank you can now use a pistol. BUT if you didn't want to take the time to reach that rank you could spend "Spartan" points to unlock it immediately. How do you get "Spartan" points? With cold hard CASH!

You spend the next few days leveling up and you finally unlock your pistol but now Zynga released 7 other weapons. They also figured they would be generous by offering up to 5 "free" Spartan points if you play the game 7 days in a row.

They also want permission to post on your Facebook account every time you kill a elite so that your friends can get a exp boost.

After playing a few levels you are halted by a message saying, "In order to advance further into Covenant territory you must 'recruit' 5 Facebook friends to play with you."

By the time you get your 4th weapon Zynga releases 5 holiday themed weapons that are only available for the next 3 days. Hope you have Spartan points…

After 6 more months of gameplay Zynga teases you with more levels, but before you can play them you have to "prepare" by recruiting 5 more Facebook friends…

Somewhere in-between scheduled maintenance and teasing new levels Zynga finds the time to release 7 more weapons. But this time the only way you can get them is if your Facebook "recruits" help you. Each weapon requires 10 of four parts and each "recruit" can only send one a day. Hope you have a ton of "recruits"… (Oh did I forget to mention that you can get individual parts for Spartan points.)

Zynga finally releases new levels in the form of a new planet but because of the harsh environment of this new world you need all new weapons. (Yeah you know what that means. Level up and spend those Spartan points.)

---- It's sometime around this point that you realize you lost 25% of your Facebook friends because they're tired of hearing about how you assassinated a grunt and would like to share the wealth ---

Your still playing? Ok then Zynga would like to reward you by giving you a defense boost for every active "recruit" you have on your team. Those spartan points are also 10% off for a limited time…

Zynga announces that online multiplayer will be reconstructed to support larger vehicles. In order to finish the fight your gonna need make roughly 10 requests a day for 2 weeks or 100 dollars worth of Spartan points to complete your new dropship…

Zynga releases the Christmas Covenant Cannon which is available for only two days. $$$$

--- Unscheduled Maintenance due to cheaters ---

Zynga releases their new level but you can't play it until you recruit…

(Sign's off to play COD4)

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