Saturday, August 28, 2010

The "like" button...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the most used feature on Facebook is the "like" button.

We "like" for many different reasons, and NOT always because we like something. In fact I find it kinda weird when someone posts something disappointing like a death in the family and underneath you see "3 people like this"...

I know that when it comes to playing Facebook social games, I "like" a post as a reminder that I already clicked on it. Other times it is to show the poster that I participated in their war, barn raising, dish spicing, etc. It's a whole lot easier than actually writing, "I helped."

The "Like" button has been interpreted by some to be the "I wanna know where this conversation goes" button. Yeah, when you have nothing constructive to add to a comment, and you only want to see how someone else is gonna comment this is what the "like" button turns into.

And then the "like" button could actually mean you like the post! who knew?

My question is this; why call it the "Like" button. The only definition that comes close to its perceived use is this:
- corresponding or agreeing in general or in some noticeable respect...

If Facebook continues to be a social networking juggernaut then one day in the future a extra definition will need to be added:
- a notification to one speaking that you have taken notice of their statement, and would like to subscribe to further thoughts on the matter.

Yeah, yeah I like how that sounds. I'm really liking that definition...

Which brings me to my next inquiry. Why do people like their own comments? I like to think about what I say before I say it, so, in a way, haven't I already established that I approve of my words by the fact that someone else is reading them? Maybe that's just me though... Seems to have no other purpose...

(I like this stamp too...)

Do I think the "like" button is unnecessary? Not at all! Sometimes you just don't have anything better to say. I like a lot of comments I see on Facebook so the "like" button, to me, can also be a indication to the poster that I enjoyed reading the post and look forward to reading more of their future posts.
It's always nice to know that someone is enjoying the effort you put into posting. Your less inclined to feel like your wasting your time. What do you think?

Oh by the way! On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, I added a "Like" Button to these blogs. :) So when your too busy to add to the blog with your comments, at least take an additional second to "like" it if you wanna see more in the future...

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  1. You would think Facebook could now afford that dislike button everyone has been asking for. They could add lots of buttons. Why are they keeping extra buttons from us?