Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Clear", super fast mobile Internet? - part 1

A lot of buzz has started circulating about a new device called iSpot by Clear (What you haven't heard?)

If you are reading this blog on August 4, 2010 then you probably still have the chance to pick up one of these devices up at 70% off the regular price of $99.

What is it? Hold on, I'm getting to that part...

"iSpot is your very own 4G hotspot that let's you connect up to eight of your favorite Apple mobile devices, giving you freedom to use Super Fast Mobile Internet on the go anywhere Clear has coverage... Pair with the iSpot On-the-Go Service Plan. Get unlimited data usage and 4G speed all for $25/mo."

Sounds pretty good to me. Especially since I'm a Ipad user. Let's do the math:

My 32gb wifi only iPad costs $599, the 3G version would have been $729. That's a $130 difference to have the ability to use AT&T's 3G service. Now AT&T has abandoned their "unlimited" service for a 2gb plan that costs $25 a month, no contract. Still with me?

Now then, since I bought the cheaper wifi only version of the iPad for $599, I could, theoretically, invest in a $29 wifi 4G hotspot as well as pay $25 a month, no contract, for UNLIMITED service. The end result, a cheaper overall investment with faster speeds.

If this sounded as good to you as it did to me, I say, give it a try! I'll be giving this device a in-depth review when it arrives, (yeah, I bought one), and we'll see if Clear can back up their claims of Super Fast Mobile Internet. I'll also do a break down of 3G vs 4G speeds, complete with pros and cons, as well as sift through the fine print of both AT&T and Clear's service contracts.

Check out this device yourself at

That's all for now. See you next blog...


  1. Wow you have a blog!!!! lol All I have is a MacBook, so i'll just stick with my Comcast "hot spot"

  2. Thats right, I got a blog. Lol. My older blogs are still at my business site and Screwattack, but they all will eventually migrate here. Comcast is a great home solution. But if your away from home a lot a mobile hot spot might be right for you.

  3. I'm stuck at home most of the time, DV, so I'm thus, also stuck with Comcast.

  4. You need to add a Follow button so we can know...follow you. It's there on your dashboard set up page somewhere.

  5. I mistakenly deleted that widget but it's back now :)

    Companies like Comcast will always have a upper hand against wireless companies for the simple reason of wireless coverage. Companies like Clear are attempting to offer cheaper alternatives to Comcast and Verizon even for at-home use but the overall opinion of their service seems to be a mixed bag.

    You either win with Clear's cheaper, faster, wireless service, or you lose with slow or non-existant service due to poor wireless coverage.

    In the end if your looking for a extremely affordable internet solution for home or on the go it's worth a try. But don't get rid of that Comcast modem just yet...

  6. I can't get rid of Comcast for another year. Just agreed to another year's contract or whatever it is so that I got a slightly lower payment than I had last year on their not very amazing Triple Play. I'm not sure what they do to you if you cancel your plan before a year is up. Take your firstborn? Or at least a good chunk out of your wallet? If Clear is really good by next year I might try it.

    Oh and Verizon wireless has control over my Droid contract for about another year and a half.