Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Ace's Day Out" Leaves Youtube

Ok here's the deal...

My youtube channel has gotten the most daily traffic ever since I originally joined in 2006. We're not talking thousands or millions of views here, but enough to have my channel appear in more searches and queries. For anyone with aspirations of making a few dollars on youtube that is a good thing, but all your work could go down the toilet with two simple words: "Copyright Infringement."

With the recent monetization of my Youtube account I have had to be cautious to make sure I have permission from respective sources before uploading copyrighted content. This affects me the most in the way of background music as many of my older wedding clips use copyrighted songs. That is why you'll notice newer videos using royalty free songs as well as original compositions by me.

In the "Accounts" section of my Youtube settings I am plagued with the constant reminder:

"You have videos that may contain content that is owned by someone else."

This shows up because Youtube's Content Identification Service made 2 claims against my videos.
The first was a unreleased wedding promo, and the second was the first video I ever posted, "Ace's Day Out" The content owners reserve the right to remove the audio, keep the video from being played in certain countries, or even have it completely removed from Youtube, the last option sometimes resulting in a permanent strike against your account.

So, to keep my account in a positive standing I decided to remove mentioned videos. But never fear, the video can still be viewed below though a embedded Facebook link:

Ace's Day Out

Thank you for the 48 views it achieved in the year it was on Youtube! Ace will return...

Additionally, what this means is that if I create certain videos containing copyrighted music, with the exception of one particular source, you probably will never see them on the DVDeluxe Youtube channel.

I'll go into details in a future blog if needed but I'm getting kinda tired of talking about stuff like revenue sharing, monetization and ad clicking so just continue to show your support in the ways I mentioned so many times before and I'll see ya next blog!

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