Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interesing Apps Episode 4 - My Sketch

Here comes another interesting app I've been meaning to mention for some time now.

It's a simple app that takes a picture taken on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and converts it to a sketch drawing. That's it. Results can be cropped and tweaked with two sliders, and can be saved in 3 different sizes and uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or emailed. The only issue i've noticed is the final result sometimes looks like it was additionally cropped at the top. Here's a few sample with pics I took...

Granted these are nothing more than "filters" but since he app is free at the moment its not a bad download to fool around with...

If you've found or use a better app for this price i'd love to hear about it and do my own comparison.

See ya next blog!!

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