Saturday, November 5, 2011

Composing music for videos

Well with all the stress and deadlines I've had here and there, it's nice to take a few hours and work on something completely voluntary.

As you may be aware, I have been attempting to make some change with revenue sharing. You know, you click on a ad from this page and I get money. Simple huh? YEAH RIGHT... Anyway I now qualify for Youtube revenue sharing but here's the problem, not all my content is 100% original.

What I mean is, some of my most popular videos usually have traces of copy-written music. To get around this issue I have considered making my own music tracks for my videos, (That's right, I write music...) I've done his once before with my commercial video. Below is my recent attempt at writing a simple tune for some older wedding footage I had lying around.

J&G Wedding

Also if you somehow never saw my commercial here it is:

DV Commercial

Hope you enjoyed them as well as my other vids. Like, +1, tweet, retweet, ANYTHING! Help me out here...

See ya next blog!

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