Thursday, November 10, 2011

Amazing Blazblue Videos

For a dude that's always begging for his own content to be shared I haven't been sharing as much content as I used to before focusing on my own channel, but after checking out these Blazblue related vids that had to change.

(Note: If you don't know what Blazblue is then "see ya next blog!" because the following will all sound Greek to you... Speaking of Greeks, you gotta me know i you've seen these George. Ragna vs Hakumen FTW!!!)

(Note 2: Videos are not my creations nor do clicking on the embedded links direct you to any content owned or maintained by me.)

This first one Is a parody of the Continuum Shirt 2 opening

The second video, although in Japanese, is just awesome. This dude took the in-game sprites and FMV and gave us the animated ending we all wanted to see from Calamity Trigger...

That does it for this impromptu post. See ya next blog...

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