Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Try

Back again! Actually, I didn't go anywhere. I still post weekly content, it just hasn't been here. I'll explain more on why in a future post. Anyway, if you don't already know, I have a Youtube channel, that's right, I got a Youtube Channel...

To date, 22 videos have been uploaded although only 16 of them are viewable to the public. Which leads me to a quick point I want to make; Just because you see me recording doesn't mean I'm trying to throw you on youtube! I take my profession seriously and although I try to entertain, I don't try to embarrass. I try very hard not to post unscripted footage without consent. Moving on...

I decided to make a mini series called DV Tries, and below is a brief episode guide:

Check out the very episode, "DV Tries a Crab Cake"

For achieving 2000 hits I decided to post "DV Tries DANCE CENTRAL"

Learning Motion 5 brought new challenges and I decided to throw something together, literally... in "DV Tries Special Effects"

My nephew is making his uncle proud, playing football in high school. I couldn't wait for the opportunity to get out the camera and get some footage. Footage from his first game is found in "DV Tries Fooball Coverage"

Ever since I bought a iMac I never shelled to the 20 bucks needed to buy a plug-in to view MPEG2 videos (I'm cheap like that.) What that meant though, was that I couldn't work with any of my older recorded footage. Well I sill don't have the plug-in but I found a free work-a-round. Here's the first of some of the old footage in "DV Tries Poi"

OK so thats 5 episodes in two months, with a 6th one going live today. Check them out. Comment. SUBSCRIBE. Your views and input mean a lot to me and it makes me embarrassing myself worthwhile...

See ya next blog!

UPDATE - Latest Video can be found HERE

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