Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Waiting" (With Bonus Content)

It's been almost a week since I posted my first self directed short film "Waiting" and I'm pretty happy with the end product as well as the overall reception.

My "DV Tries" video's are nowhere near as popular as my wedding promos but I expected as much. I only hope you give my personal projects a chance. And a HUGE thank you to the 2 people out of 340+ readers in the past two weeks that clicked on a ad to give me a few cents of revenue. It truly meant a ton!

"Waiting" was originally a project I was putting together for a film competition that went a lot deeper into my psyche than the final version you saw. In a last second change of heart I omitted scenes and footage which ended up greatly affecting the final results (thus the reason for the supplemental ending...) The entire decision to rewrite lasted months. Eventually the project took a back burner to other videos until recently, when shooting resumed and the final project was released.

A few of the original clips were used but most had to be reshot. The most interesting reshoot came in the way of the scene of myself. You can really see the weight difference in my face! Well, since my camera is in the shop and filming for my next project doesn't begin until this Saturday enjoy a few extra clips that didn't make the cut for one reason or another, as well as the side by side comparison of me before and after my hospital visit and weight loss.

(Note: this is a embedded video that can ONLY be viewed via links such as the one below. Consider this a easter egg of sorts for taking the time to read my blogs!)

Thanks again and see ya next blog!! (2 rants on the way!)

P.S. Almost forgot to ask. If you like seeing bonus footage like this and would like to see additional footage of the previously posted wedding promos let me know. I may be able to fulfill your wish (no guarantees!)

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