Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fruit snacks

My trip to the market last week brought back even more memories than I realized. My thoughts turned from last weeks cereal, Spaghetti O's and Pop Tarts to fruit snacks.

You know, those vitamin C infused, made with "real fruit" snacks pre wrapped in small bags that always leave you wanting more. There used to be tons of commercials for those things and it was common practice for any popular movie, cartoon, or comic to have they're own snack of some sort.

Well today I decided to rank my top 5 fruit snacks so enjoy...

Number 5 - Fruit Roll-Ups

These get the 5 spot because aside from the taste I never bought into the way they were marketed. Most commercials made them out to be stickers but I never tried taking the extra time to punch out whatever designs were on the roll. I remember kids on commercials using them as tattoos but i knew I wasn't gonna be doing that...

Number 4 - Fruit By The Foot

This was a more effective fruit roll up. Absolutely no difference to me in taste but you felt like you got more because it was "3 feet of fun". In commercials kids would flick them open and let the roll drop to the floor which, in retrospect, has me realizing that those were some pretty short kids...

Number 3 - Thunder Jets

*photo courtesy of Jason Liebig
Yeah you probably never heard of these because I haven't seen them on shelves in over 15 years. They'd have the number one spot but they just don't exist anymore. They were so good! I don't remember if there were any commercials. All I know is I loved planes and jets as a kid and these were edible toys.

Number 2 - Gushers

I remember commercials introducing these bite size snacks just bursting with juice. Opening a pouch, you were usually greeted by 9 or 10 little fruit pieces all stuck together. Still it was original and sweet, but sadly you didn't have the variety of flavors that were in other snacks. You had to get all of one flavor per box.

And finally...
Number 1 - Shark Bites

These existed as long as Thunder Jets and are still around today. Both tasted exactly the same so it was a no brainer to make this my number one. Each piece had a distinct taste and the special "great white shark" piece was a welcome edition to the pouch. (despite the fact that you never really got a lot of them)

Those are mine, but what about you? Comment on your favorite below or take the poll to your right. Don't be lazy it's at the very least, one click...

Well that about does it, but before I close I gotta give props to all the other fruit snack that still dominate the shelves of supermarkets today. Spiderman and scooby doo snacks are still around. Disney will continue to fill their wallets with revenue from Princess snacks, as well as any new face on the Disney channel, (I think I saw some Hannah Montana snacks on clearance the other day...) and for some reason John Deere...

That's right... John Deere... Because for some reason Kellogg wants every young kid to nurture the little farmer in them... Seriously what was the executive board on when they green lighted that idea?

I'm submitting my idea for DV fruit snacks, "That's Right, I Got a Fruit Snack". They better call me back!
See ya next blog...

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