Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Sightings #1

My camera is always nearby, because I always notice the weirdest stuff. Decided to group a few video game related pics together in this mini blog... Enjoy!

This was a 2009 circular for ALDI. Looks like they jumped on the Wii bandwagon that year. What I don't get is the "comes with 4 games " statement (the four pictured were the free ones). All Wii's come with Wii Sports so they really did a good job making parents think they got the deal of the century. (there actually was a apology released by ALDI later on apologizing for the deception.)

Here's a AT&T advertisement that came in Guitar Hero World Tour (I think... Can't remember... Does it matter?... Anyway...). Give yourself that extra level of difficulty by adding the "crazy fast" setting with the power of the Internet.

Next time you sit in a chair to play Rock Band STOP, and ask yourself, "is the chair I'm sitting in compatible with my Rock Band controllers." Your drum set won't work without a official Rock Band stool... You didn't know?

Well that's it for now. Granted it's a little shorter than other blogs I made but this one gets a dual release on dvdeluxe.blogspot.com as well as screwattack.com since it's actually something my fellow G1's would appreciate.

See you next blog...

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