Friday, December 3, 2010

Supermarket ramblings...

So I was in the market today remembering the good old days.

The days before Toaster Strudel when Pop Tarts and Eggos ruled the toaster.
Yep, the days when you couldn't buy the flavors with frosting because the frosting would mess up the toaster and... Huh?... It doesnt? That was just my family?... You mean all this time i've been... Aww man!

Or what about the days when your parents bought the multipack cereal boxes and there was always that "least favorite" brand you didn't wanna get stuck with in the end?

Don't get me wrong, Cheerios are good, (with a Tablespoon of sugar.)

And who could forget Spaghetti... Wait a minute!... What do they mean by "Now Healthy"!? That really makes it sound a lot worse than it probably was. Maybe they should have said "Now Healthier" but what do I know.
I mean, I grew up eating that stuff and I still do. Look at me now!

Now excuse me, going to play some Wii Fit...

See ya next blog!

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